2023/11/13 ナイラー

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また、完全に新規でダウンロードする方の為にBefore the Storm~The TiMERiFTまでのすべてをまとめたオールインパッケージを用意しました。

※Attention : The document below is translated from Japanese version, using DeepL.
( https://www.deepl.com/ )
Maybe some mistranslatings are there.

Thank you for your patience.
As explained in detail here, we had suspended the publication of the entire series since November 1, We have started to reopen the series today.

The following changes have been made to the specifications for the re-release of the series.
(i) The structure of each file has been changed so that the materials in the package cannot be reused as they are.
  (However, only Creative Commons music files will remain the same as before, in accordance with the contents of the Commons.)
(ii) The songs that still violates the terms of use after (i) was executed has been deleted from package.
(iii) All hidden elements of the "search" type are now unlocked.
  (Extra/one-more stages and songs that appear only in the boss folder have been left in place.)
(iv) No elements have been added since before the suspension.
With above change, "Clause prohibiting file modification and redistribution" in each document has been changed to a stricter description.
However, it is still possible to redistribute and share only the ssc files of the edited scores.

Each package in the series can be downloaded individually from each page.
Basically, no new content will be added, so those who have all the previous versions do not need to re-download the new version.
We have also prepared an all-in package that includes everything from Before the Storm to The TiMERiFT for those who are completely new to downloading.
Please download it here.