Outsider Edit Chart Application

・At First

In this package series, "Basically included" charts are made by me (Niler),
therefore new charts sometimes resemble to old charts I made before.
I feel to want some "different" chart to make this package better,
so I hold an application of edit charts.

・Charts that I want

"Edit-difficulty" chart of the songs which are included in this package (Outsider) now

・Application requirement

(1)Charts must be able to be played by human's two feet.
(2)Gimmick of your chart must replay correctly on StepMania 5.0.9 or lower version of StepMania 5.x.
   (Exception : You can't use Lua-powered gimmick.)
(3)Modifing timing setting from original chart is OK.
(4)Chart styles you can apply are showed below:

Notation on .ssc files Play style 
dance-single  4 Panel 
 dance-threepanel  3 Panel(※)
 dance-solo  6 Panel
 dance-double  8 Panel
 dance-couple  4 Panel×2 Player

   (※ : "dance-threepanel" is not beginner chart of 6 panel. Isolated mode.)
(5)Submit .ssc file including your edit chart.
   (other formats of chart can't be accepted - like .dwi, .sm, and so on.)
   On submission, give me a download address for receiving your chart.
(6)Only applications from the form below are accepted.
   Fill the form with needed.
(7)I reply after I checked your chart is received correctly.
   If you need a notification, allow to receive the mail from .
(8)Basically, received chart will be reflected to next package.
   (Exception : If 6 month is pass from the last package, edit charts are implemented formerly.)

・Application form


10/1/2018 First (International Edition)