Outsider Song Application



This package is made only by me(Niler) now.
However, due to make SP and Solo charts, too many tasks that I must do will be appear.
So I want you to help...at first the song side.

・Section of Application

(Sections are sometimes changed, except for two of free section)

・Section at 8/30/2019
[1]Free section : Chaos
(period : till the series end)
[2]Free section : Order
(period : till the series end)
These two section is divided from "free section."
Please apply the suitable one, considering your song has a alignment as "chaos" or "order."
(see (※2) below to get some explanation)

List of sections finished : here (written in Japanese only)

・Application Requirement

(1)This application is for "Chart-making project for music game simulator," providing on the Internet.
  This is not a contest, and we can't afford to pay rewards.
  Especially, making music for music game simulator may harm your career if you are occupation musician.
(2)Song length should be 〜2:30.
(3)The songs you can apply are you joined a part of production at least, and
  your original song, arrangement of the song with some agreement, or arrangement of the song you allowed by the original musician directly.
(4)Songs you apply have to be mastered and encoded at least 192kbps mp3.
  (Volume and bit-rate of song may be modified if I considered to need.)
(5)Don't use illegal materials.
  (Sampling with no allowance, using cracked DAWs, and so on.)
(6)All genres of song are suitable.
(7)Both released or unreleased songs are OK,
  but appling songs in StepMania package we can download now is not recommended.
(8)You can apply only on the form below.
(9)All of applied (and no-problemed) songs will be used.
(10)Whether songs are OK or having problems, I contact to you at least once.
   Contact from me will be in 2 week from your application.
     Please check you can receive e-mail from .
(11)I'm willing to make your songs playable on next package of Outsider series,
   but sometimes I can't (due to the number of songs and the time of application.)
(12)Application sometimes stops and restarts at the time I announced on Web or Twitter.
     Songs before stop will included in next package, Songs after stop will included in next-next one.
  (※1)If number of applied songs for next package reach 12, application stops immediately.
  (※2)Included songs will be categorized as "order" or "chaos" after 3rd package.
     If balance of  "order" and "chaos" is broken, and can't absorb that by using non-applied songs,
     Timing of song including may be delayed to farther package.
(13)Rights of applied song is attributed to you.
   (I borrow your songs only for Outsider series.)

(1)You can apply your song with song's jacket, BG, and banner image.
  (Jacket: rectangle, over 480x480, banner: 512x160, bg: 16:9 size, over 640x360〜)
(2)You can apply your song with the chart you made,
  but applied chart will be remaked or treated as edit chart due to level design of this package.
  And you can't apply the song which used to be playable in any other Stepmania package if you applied it with the charts.
(3)AlumiVision will offer who marked "Yes" on the last question of appling form to participate in Outsider series or future project directly.

・Application form


・Update history

8/30/2019 Sections added and revised
1/3/2019 Added about ended section
10/1/2018 Section added, revised about e-mail and stop
7/16/2018 Added about ended section
1/13/2018 First (EN Version)
1/1/2018 First (JP Version)

※This page sometimes changes.
This package is by AlumiVision, not related with any other organization.

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