CONCEPT : 6-Panel Style×SM5-ish GimmickFUN
New Stepmania package "Outsider"
2018/6/24 Start

A request to all players
Read above at first.

Contents of this page is omitted from Japanese version for some reason.
I'm sorry at inconvenience. ※ACKNOWLEDGEMENT :
This series of package, and author of packages are NOT WILLING TO EXPRESS POLITICAL IDEAS,
even though materials from political problems are used as sounds and images.
You can't download this package unless you understand that.

Recent Update(JP)

What is "Outsider?"
"Outsider" is the StepMania package series, including 6-panel style chart.
We makes approaches to give fresh feeling of play,
mixing old-Forsaken 6-panel style and SM5-ish gimmick. (like Roll, Lift, Split BPM...)

Some goals of Outsider

(1) 4-Panel style & 6-Panel style charts for all included music
(2) Kidding enabled by SM5
(3) Expanding variety of music genre
(4) Decreasing musics made by Niler
(5) Ill & dark atmosphere (※It isn't mean this package will use illegal music)

Series (Click to download)
Outsider : Before the Storm
Outsider : Dawn under new order
Update 2019 Summer (Full Package / minimum files)
Outsider : The Rebel Street- (2 small pack included)
Update 2020 Summer (Full Package / minimum files)
Outsider : 4BSTR4CT of CONSPIR4CY (Trial Version2)

※Now we want music for next package, after 3/15/2021 12:00(JST)

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DO NOT Redistributing part or whole package, without some exception we showed in advance.

Series of this package is grabbed to you by AlumiVision, not related to other organization.
Don't ask about this package to who isn't related.
Contents of this package maybe change without some announcement.

2018 - Niler / AlumiVision
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